March 30, 2012

CANDY FLAVORS | Konnichiwa! How to be kawaii?

Have you ever thought what role your image plays in life? Is it only about the visual side and being fashionable? Or maybe there is more to it?

For us, the image is a way to express yourself. To show your personality and style. We really do appreciate fancy and crazy outfits. What's interesting is that there's an infinite amount of trends and ways of expression around the world.

Let's have a trip to Japan and learn how to be kawaii!

One of the most colourful and dynamic styles is the Japanese one. The strong influence of Harajuku theme on international fashion trends becomes pretty obvious when you look closer. If you'd like to learn more about what Harajuku style is, click here. But for now, let's have a look how Japanese boys and girls are expressing themselves:

Photo by Kira, source:         

What makes the Harajuku style so brilliant and influential?
Click to read more!

This unique style is considered to be very controversial. Why?
Some say that it's because it's hovering on the verge of kitsch. But hey!, that's what actually makes it so exciting! Sometimes (especially for Europeans) you might think that this line is crossed. But we believe it takes a good eye to see the subtle ideas behind this fashion.

And, after all, Harajuku is a street fashion, so it's all about being noticed in the crowd of looking-alike people. The style is also characteristic and unique by its visual references, vivid, intense colours and lots of funny or eccentric details. We just love how the Japanese trendsetters and fashionists make the streets picturesque and optimistic at the same time!

As for more Harajuku eye-candy to taste:

photo by Kira, source:
What's even more important here is that this way of thinking about fashion is about having a strong sense of humor. Having tons of fun is an essential part of playing with the image in a Harajuku style. And being fashionable at the same time. Just look at these cute pictures by Kira:

photo by Kira, source:
photo by Kira, source:

To see more of Japanese street fashion, visit and follow their new, fantastic and crazy ideas for original outfits!

But what does it have to do with Artavaganza, you'd ask?

Well, the idea behind our Artavaganza t-shirts and neckties was to let all those fashion fans and crazy people express themselves! To let them show their uniqueness and shout about them being different not only in personality, but also in style!

After all, putting on a vibrant and sexy t-shirt or an eccentric necktie shows others you're not afraid of being who you really are!

So don't be afraid, have fun and wear art. And remember:
your image is all about your personality!

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  1. Geeee, these outfits are brilliant!! So colourful and lively, love them!!

  2. Hi and thanks for the comment. We appreciate it a lot :)

  3. hi im a tom-boy but i want to be a girly girl so im wondering can you help me please


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