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Let's have a quick tour on what we're producing, then.

Designer neckties!

If you like being chic and sexy at the same time, let's look at those designer neckties we're manufacturing. They're all part of Tie me up! series. Every single piece is hand-made and we're putting much effort to make it look gorgeous. What you're getting is a high-quality Italian polyester necktie with double interlining along with a beautiful label with model name on it. Everything comes to you packed in a small box with our logo, which makes it a perfect choice for a gift.

The first tie set you can choose is Lovebelt, something perfect for all those who dream of having a black belt in martial art called „love”. We know it is hard to master all the techniques, but you can show your proficiency using black Lovebelt. And you always win!

Lovebelt necktie set

The second one is a little bit more formal Push the button. Remember all those days when all you could dream of was pushing a single button that would change it all for better? Well, that dream may come true now with Push the button. Pushing it to the limits was never easier.

Push the button necktie set

Our third shot is Zip me up!, a frisky eye-wink to all those who watch you wearing it. If you’re feeling hot, it’s best to loose this zipper a little bit. When you do, just wait and guess who will be getting all hot and heavy. Zip me up! will give you some zip!

Zip me up! necktie set

Moving on, we're taking you to the second part of Artavaganza's designer accessories world:

Designer t-shirts!

They come in two versions: for boys and girls. All the models are naughty enough to make everyone in the room want to touch you. The prints are soft to touch and have a texture that makes everyone want to feel it. Be careful using them, they're alluring!

Looking at the picture below, from left to right you can see Fix me, Taste me and Heart Attack. Avery print is hand-made, just like our neckties, so every single piece is actuallu unique. Each t-shirt has our logo on the back.

And, of course, every piece comes in a beautiful box with our logo, the name of the model and size of the t-shirt. Again, perfect for a gift for someone you want to impress!

If you'd like to visit our Candy Shop with Artavaganza t-shirts and designer neckties, click on the pinky link to the left and dip yourself in the design sweets.

PS. If you're from the EU, Russia or Cyprus and you'd like to buy some of our fashion sweets for yourself, we have great news for you: shipping is free!

If you want to learn more about how it all started with Artavaganza, click the link to the left. It will take you to graphic design blog written by Kamil, Artavaganza's designer. There, you'll be able to get to know him better and browse through his other designs. Click click!

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