February 27, 2012

CANDY FACTORY | Try our Cotton Candy!

Hello again and welcome to our Candy Factory column! Today we'll introduce you to the technical specifics of our wonderful t-shirts. Why? Because we believe it's important. 

When we see something we like, we always want to know more about it. How it's made, what it's from and so on. What we believe here in Artavaganza is only the highest possible quality. We're putting much effort to not only make it look fabulous, but also be fabulous down to a single thread.



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February 17, 2012

And the winners are...

It's time for a great revelation – we have the winners of our St. Valentine's Day creative contest!

The first winning entry is by Joanna Konik: Artavaganza. Love at first kiss.

The second one is by Rafał Gajdzik: Tie the knot with Artavaganza!

Congratulations to the winners, thank you for all the entries and see you in the next competitions!

February 12, 2012

CANDY FLAVORS | What if art, design and fashion marry?

In Artavaganza, we aim to merge design with art and fashion. We actually find this point of view very, very creative. The marriage of all three creative activities might be successful enough to change the way things are perceived.

So, we'd like to share some examples of this interesting cultural influence in design with you. The romance of art and design is based on inspiration. Sometimes artists find their inspirations in a muse.

 print by Andy Warhol, source: http://eliensatlanticwire.blogspot.com/

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February 7, 2012

One more week to win our sexy designer neckties!

Responding to your requests, we decided to run our competition for one more week, so the closing date to send the entries is February 14th (St. Valentine's Day!), 12 noon Central European Time.

To read the rules, click here.

Send your entries to shop@artavaganza.com and get our ties for you and your love!
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